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Customer Reviews

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Weld mounts

Quick response, will need more products in the near future


I like the simple design. Works well

Thought I was getting a great boat with all the extras, but it's nothing but trouble. Sets up quickly, but it's a headache to take on RV trips. It's a pain to pack away.

damaged upon arrival. not cool 😒

Clear instructions

I just need more time to use it.

Works much better than expected. Bit tricky to maneuver, but does a great job overall.

This is definitely big and heavy but gets the job done. Finally got one, and it paid off after just a few stumps.

looks awesome with lifelike flames, runs all day, every day, and adds style without gobbling up electricity.

Awesome boat

It's light, steady, and a blast to use.

Thinking about grabbing a couple more and maybe a solar charging setup.

Works better than expected, and assembly was simple.

Very satisfied with the boat 😊

chipper was easy to assemble and sturdy. exactly what i needed for clearing trees. just wish i had more time to use it!

While it's okay, I'm not entirely convinced this grinder was worth the investment.

Instructions were clear so just need more time to use it properly.

Met expectations, very satisfied with performance.

Absolutely fantastic! Turned a mountain of branches into mulch in no time.

Great for the price!

Starts easily, grinds well. Had a minor issue but fixed it.

The cabinet looks fab in the bedroom, thanks a bunch!!

Bought it after trying out a friend's. It's excellent value for the quality. The whole family loves it, and it's easy to set up and pack away.

it's alright. we're feeling indifferent about it 😐

great kayak!