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Dakota Lithium

Dakota Lithium

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Here at Dakota Lithium we create sustainable energy products to power the future of transportation and off-the-grid living.

We’re here to power your passions, and help make the world a little bit better while we do it. The technology future of hover boards and electric cars that we dreamed about as kids is here. And for every new product there is a lithium battery at it’s core.

We believe that quality makes the difference. And that quality is measured by lifespan – how long a battery lasts. That’s why here at Dakota Lithium we focus on building batteries that last a long, long time. By harnessing a unique chemistry and our engineering know-how Dakota Lithium lasts 4-10x longer than traditional batteries, providing lasting value for our customers, and reducing e-waste and the impact on our planet.

We stand behind our commitment to quality and reliability with a best in class 11 year warranty, ISO 9001 certified engineering and quality control systems, and lifetime technical support.
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