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SPOT, LLC is a subsidiary of Globalstar, Inc., a Louisiana-based company that is a prominent provider of customized Satellite IoT Solutions for both personal and business use globally. The company has been a pioneer in mobile satellite voice and data services, allowing businesses to connect remote personnel and automate data to simplify the management and monitoring of mobile assets and employees.

For those who love adventure, SPOT offers a range of devices that allow them to pursue their passions, whether it's backpacking, camping, fishing, hunting, off-roading, or cycling. SPOT devices are specifically designed to support all off-the-grid adventuring, making them an ideal tracking and communications gear for recreational users.

With SPOT, adventurers can stay connected even when they are out of range of traditional cellular networks. They can easily share their location, send messages, and request emergency assistance at the push of a button. SPOT is committed to providing reliable and innovative products that enable adventurers to explore with confidence and safety.

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