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IMER USA  |  SKU: IMU-1106344

IMER USA Mighty Small 50 EVO Pump ONLY - 120volt Electric power

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The IMER Small 50 pump is called mighty for a reason and that is that no other company makes a small portable 110v electric rotor / stator pump that has the flexibility and range to do so many different jobs. With the addition of the custom Small 50 application kits, the Small 50 can do 5 different types of work in 5 days. For any contractor that ability makes the Small 50 and indispensable tool for your business.

Check out these features:
  • Variable flow rate from 1.7 to 30 cubic feet per hour
  • Up to 70 different flow speed settings
  • Stainless steel hopper
  • Versatile D8 1.5 ECO rotor/stator
  • Quiet at only 74 dba
  • Pumps up to 80 feet away with 1" hose
  • Inverter driven control panel allows for variations in voltage from 85 to 110v.
  • Low loading height at 25.5 inches.
Each Small 50 pump comes standard with the following:
  • Toolbox
  • Inline pressure gauge
  • Clean out tool
  • Sponge ball for hopper drain
  • Sponge ball for hose clean up
  • 50 ft remote cord


Small 50 - Plaster sprayer/Intonacatrice

SMALL 50 Usage Video

Small 50 User Part 1: Setup

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the voltage required?

You will need 120 Volts. The inverter helps to keep the voltage steady and constant to the motor even when the voltage is lower than 120.

Can I use the Mighty Small 50 to spray materials?

Yes, you will need to add the compressor and also a gun kit. The gun kit includes 50' or air material hose, gun and tips.

What kind of materials can I use?

The Mighty Small 50 is a very versatile pump. You can use it for mortar,stucco,grout,fireproofing, self-leveling underlayment,paints acrylic stucco, elastomeric coatings,grout injection, slab-jackting,etc.

How much hose can I use with this?

It depends on the application. Some materials such as SLU (self-leveling underlayment) can travel a far distance. It was tested with 150' of hose with no issue horizontally. Other applications such as pumping upwards with mortar might limit you to 60' vertically. The more fluid grout and the more cement content further it will travel. A 3,500 PSI grout will not travel as far as a 5,000 PSI grout. Pumping upwards reduces the pumping distance by more than 60%. Different rotors and stators can increase pumping distance but usually at the expense of flow. Consider the pot life of the product being pumped or sprayed. If you have a short pot life then adding more hose is counter productive as it could start to set while travelling in the hose.

Can I start and stop the pump remotely?

Yes, the included wired remote when plugged in will override the start and stop of the pump when the switch is turned to "on". Reverse and stop will still function from the panel. If using with the compressor and a gun kit, then the wired remote is not needed. Opening and closing the air valve on the gun will trigger the pressure switch on the compressor to start and stop the compressor and the pump as a system. In either case, both the compressor or wired remote are enabled when the pump switch is turned to "forward." A flashing number and the word "stop" will display on the panel. This indicates the speed of the pump and the pump is on standby waiting for the operator to open the gun valve or press the button on the switch.

How do I tune-up the adjustable stator?

IMER USA uses adjustable stators which will give you longer working life than a non-adjustable stator. As abrasive materials such as grout mortar which contain sand travel through the rotor and stator some wear will occur. The bolts on the stator squeeze the rubber inside the stator to accommodate for this wear so that it will maintain the proper pressure.

What does the inverter do?

The inverter is what makes this pump function on 120V. Without the inverter the pump would not be usable with 1-3/4 HP motor plus the 3/4 HP compressor. What the inverter does is electronically recreate the sine wave of the electricity coming in via software. This also allows the frequency to be raised or lowered which results in speeding up or slowing down the pump, indicated on the control panel. Because the inverter reconfigures the voltage, amperage and frequency of the current to the motor it can work in parameters in which most motors would burn up. You can use the Mighty Small 50 from 85-135 Volts. The pump will shut down with an error code if the voltage is too low. It will shut down immediately if the voltage is too high which could burn up the inverter quickly. The blue light will flash on and off quickly if voltage is too high. The inverter program also allows for the start of the motor to wind up slowly greatly reducing the initial amperage spike. Traditional motors usually require 2.5X the working amperage for an instant to get started. The inverter will give an error code on the display if it encounters trouble instead of tripping a circuit breaker leaving you guessing what the issue may be. The inverter error code can tell you if the motor or inverter too hot, material not suitable or motor stugglin, voltage too low, grill removed or emergency stop button pushed in. It can even tell you if there is an air leak in the compressor which keeps cycling on and off. The inverter is the cornerstone of the IMER Pumps which run on single phase. Single phase pumps have been plagued in the past for being too wimpy to be usable. The inverter changes all that.

Can I pump continuously with this?

The Might Small 50 uses a 100% duty cycle motor than can run continuously. 24/7. The inverter will shut it down if it ever exceeds the working temps.

How long will a rotor and stator last?

Depends on the material being used. If using a silky smooth material such as straight portland cement the thousands and thousands of bags. If using a product that is very abrasive such as Euchoshot or product with silica fume the maybe just a few hundred. Routine maintenance should be performed at the end of each work day to ensure that the rotor/stator are well calibrated. Tip: To calibrate the stator,fill the hopper with water, set the speed to 50Hz, attach the material hose to the end of the pressure gauge. Kink the hose as you would a water hose and turn on the pump. The pressure gauge should read 120-140 PSI. If it does not then tighten the 3 bolts on the adjustable stator evenly. Check again. Continue this procedure until you achieve this pressure. If you cannot achieve this pressure the you might need to replace the rotor and stator.

How many bags of fireproofing will it spray per hour?

You should be able to spray 7-8 bags per hour depending on the density of the product.

What size aggregate can I pump?

Typically you would not want to use the stator with aggregate larger than 3/16".Sharp stones could also wear the rubber stator quickly as well. If you must use aggregate then we suggest a rounded gravel, no more than 30% stone per batch. The hose diameter dictates the stone diameter as well. This is true even when using large concrete pumps. The rule-of-thumb is 5X the max aggregate size for hose diameter. If we took 1/4" max aggregate size X 5 we would need 1-1/4" inside diameter hose. The Mighty Small 50 uses 12mm hose (1").

What does changing the rotor/stator type do?

The rotor and stator is sort of like the transmission in a vehicle. The different ratios can increase or decrease flow usually at the expense of higher or lower pressure. A higher flow rate usually means that the material entering the stator is pushed out quickly. For example, our green stator only needs 3 revolutions for the material to enter and then exit from top to bottom. A stator with 5 lobes would need 5 turns to exit from top to bottom. Thus, the 3 lobe stator is almost double the speed of the 5 lobe. The more lobes the higher the working pressure. Think of a screw or bolt. A bolt with tighter threads will be easier to turn but will require more turns to clamp down onto a nut. Less force is needed on a wrench to turn it but will require a lot more turns.

What is the maximum pressure that I can pump with?

Depending on the stator but our green 2L3 stator can achieve up to 300 PSI.

How many 50 lb. bags can it pump per hour?

Typically, the Mighty Small 50 with the standard stator can pump 1, 50 lb bag per minute or 60 bags per hour. Different materials may have different yield per bag depending on the density and water volume. A bag of non-shrink grout is about. 45 CF per bag. A bag of fireproofing material could yield 4+ CF per 50 lb. bag. The flow rate with the standard stator is 3.5 GPM. Adding more hose or pumping higher can reduce the flow rate causing a higher working pressure and friction in the line.

What mixer do you suggest to feed it?

We recommend the Mortarman 120+ as it shears the mix very well and can mix a wide variety of materials. The Mortarman 120+ was designed to sit atop the Mighty Small 50 and discharge right into he hopper eliminating the need to handle the material excessively.

Do I need to prime the hose?

Yes, If using a material such as grout, mortar,stucco or any material that has sand in it. The lower the compressive strength or cement content the more critical it is to prime the hose. To prime the hose with cement based product you will need to mix about 1/3 of a 5 gallon buck with portland cement to a consistency of pancake batter. Pour the mixture into the hopper and pump it through the hose. You don't need to see the slurry come out of the other end. Then follow the slurry with your material. The material will push out the excess slurry. This will lubricate and line the inside of the hose with cement. Failure to follow these steps whenever the hose is clean will most likely result in a clog of the hose. Certain procucts do not need the slurry such as fireproofing, most SLU's and acrylics or epoxies.

What is the vibrating screen used for?

The screen is there to filter out any large stones that might make their way into the pump. This is especially a nuisance when spraying material as a stone can clog up the tip of the gun causing a shut down of the pump.



IMER Mighty Small 50 EVO & PLUS Pumping and Spraying Machine

Electric motor1.75 hp 110v / 60 Hz
Rotor /StatorD8 1.5 ECO
Material flow rate (up to 70 speed settings)1.7 - 30 cubic feet per hour
Max aggregate size1/4"
Maximum pumping distance w/ 19mm (3/4") hose50 feet
Maximum pumping distance w/ 25mm (1") hose80 feet
Hopper capacity1.75 cubic feet
Loading height25.5"
Dimensions L x W x H44" x 20.5" x 25.5"
Weight152 lbs

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